Electric TESLA MODEL S - the most popular and perhaps the most technologically advanced car in the world.
Completely silent, with acceleration "up to a hundred" for just over four seconds, running at the level of a Formula 1 car and a chic luxury cabin, the Tesla Model S becomes the center of attention from the first moment.
Tesla for events and business meetings
  • Do you want to surprise your partners? Take advantage of the Tesla Model S for arrival at business negotiations. Special package for business trips allows you to move around the city with comfort, without the risk of being late for business meetings or negotiations. A car with a driver will give you freedom during business trips, and the high professionalism of our employees, together with excellent knowledge of the city, will allow you to devote time on the road to preparing for the next meeting. English-speaking drivers can meet important business partners at the airport. Impeccable service, which is the hallmark of our company, produces the most favorable first impression.

Tesla for the wedding


  • We are sure that the rent of a modern, innovative Tesla will not only attract increased attention of passersby to your wedding, but will also be a bright accent of your event. Believe, you will have something to remember and tell your friends. A level of comfort and service will leave a pleasant impression. The best option, in our opinion, is to rent a white Tesla Model S, since white is best suited for such a celebration as a wedding. It is worth noting that this is not only our opinion: analyzing various polls at wedding forums, we came to the conclusion that most newlyweds prefer cars for the wedding of exactly white color, because it is considered a sign of purity and integrity that suits the wedding as well as possible.
A trip to the most technically advanced car in the world will rightfully be one of your brightest memories.
  • Car rental conditions with driver
  • Car rental conditions without driver
When ordering Tesla for events, car decoration is not included in the rental price and is charged additionally.

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