1. Required documents
2. Driver Requirements
3. Tariffs and prices
4. Discounts
5. Payment of rent
6. Additional client expenses
7. Rental terms
8. Issue and return of the car
9. Insurance
10. Forbidden
11. Actions in case of accident
To make a reservation, you must first fill out an application. After completing the application, it will be sent to the security service for verification. In case of a positive decision of the security service, you will need to provide a set of documents and pay for the service. An electric vehicle can be rented by both an individual and a legal entity (company).
To rent an electric car without a driver, you must provide a package of documents.
1. Required documents for renting a car.
For individuals:
• passport
• driver's license
• the third document (TIN, SNILS, foreign passport)
• registration documents (for persons residing by registration)


For foreign individuals:


• international passport with a valid visa / general passport
• international driver’s license / notarized translation of a driver’s license that is not international
• bank card Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron


For legal entities:


• Company details
• payment order for car rental services
• a power of attorney certified by the organization for the right to sign a car rental contract without a driver
• civil passport and driver's license for each person allowed to drive a car


 2. Requirements for the driver.


• age from 23 years
• driving experience of 3 years and more


* Rent a car for a period of more than a day, as well as a business class car is available to customers over 25 years old who have driving experience 5 years or more.

 3. Tariffs and prices.




(sat, sun)
350 km B / PR


RUB / hour
Price, rub. / 1st day Price, rub. / 2nd and last. day price, rub. price, rub. Price, rub. / 1 day
Price, rub. / 1 day
price, rub. price, rub.
  • BMW i3

2500 19250 17325 60500 38500 21175 22137,5 1500 25000
  • Fiat 500e

1200 13200 11880 53460 26400 14520 15180 1500 10000
  • Nissan LEAF

1700 18700 16830 75735 37400 20570 21505 1500 15000
  • Tesla Model S

3500 42000 37800 170100 84000 46200 50400 2000 50000


  • Hourly - the rate for renting a car for several hours. The minimum number of rental hours is 4. When calculating the rental price, charged on the basis of hourly rental, customer service time, which determines the cost of services, is rounded up to an hour according to the following rules: from 0 to 30 minutes to half an hour, from 30 to 59 minutes to whole hour. Daily - the rate at the rate of renting a car for 1 day. Customer service time, which determines the cost of services, is rounded up to days according to the following rules: from 10 minutes to 12 hours - up to half a day, from 12 to 24 hours minutes - up to full days. Limit mileage: 250 km per day.
  • TWW - the "working week" tariff is valid from 09:00 on Monday to 17:30 on Friday (the price is indicated for the entire rental period) with a mileage limit of 1000 km for the entire rental period. It is possible to issue a car from 19:00 Sunday only if there is a technical possibility. The cost is indicated for the entire period.
  • TWE - the "weekend" tariff is valid from 18:00 Friday to 08:30 Monday (the price is indicated for the entire rental period) with a mileage limit of 600 km for the entire rental period. The cost is indicated for the entire period.
  • 350 km - an increase in the daily mileage limit to 350 km. Operates without restriction of the territory of operation, the price is specified for 1 day.
  • B / PR - unlimited mileage in St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and Finland. When choosing this option, travel outside the Leningrad Region and Finland is prohibited. The price is for 1 day. When renting from 5 days the option price is 300 rubles. per day.
  • Transfer - a service to deliver a car to the airport or to provide a car at the airport. The cost of rental time is calculated at rates and tariffs. The provision of cars is carried out until 21:00.


  4. Discounts.

  • 10% - with a one-time payment of rent of 3 days
  • 15% - with a one-time payment of rent of 15 days
  • 25% - with a one-time rental payment of 30 days
  • 10% - on discount cards "EV-Time" and partners
  • 10% - for regular customers
Prices are in rubles and include


The cost of returning or delivering a car within the Ring Road is 1500 rubles. Within a radius of up to 30 km from the Ring Road - 2000 rubles. The cost of going beyond these limits is fixed by agreement.
Return and submission of a car in non-working hours is made by prior agreement.
All cars of our company are provided to customers in a clean condition, with a cleaned interior. Vehicles must be returned in the same form.


 5. Payment of rent.

100% prepayment in rubles in cash, plastic cards or by bank transfer.
When concluding a lease agreement, the Tenant makes a deposit, the amount of which depends on the class of the selected car and the tariff plan. The deposit is a guarantee that the Lessee complies with the terms of the lease agreement and returns after signing the vehicle return certificate.
Payment is made for the entire rental period. When returning ahead of time, recalculation is made based on the actual time of using the car plus one day of rent. At the end of the term of the contract, it can be extended at the request of the Lessee and the technical possibility of the Lessor.
When booking, the vehicle class is reserved, not the specific model. However, your wishes on the brand, model, body type and color will be taken into account.
 6. Additional expenses of the client.
In addition to paying rent payments, the client pays the cost of refueling, technical liquids, parking, parking, fines for violating traffic rules, etc. We provide a car in a clean form, we charge 500 rubles for washing. If the car is returned in its original (clean) condition, 500 rubles we return to customer.
The customer is liable to the company in the event of damage to the car due to his fault. The customer ensures the safety of equipment and property located in the vehicle. In case of damage or damage, loss or destruction of this equipment or property due to the fault of the Customer, the latter pays for repairs (restoration, purchase) of equipment and / or property.
7. Terms of rent.
The minimum rental period is 4 hours. When renting for a shorter period, the payment is charged as in 4 hours.
The beginning of the lease is calculated from the moment of signing the act of acceptance of the car.
The delay of returning the car at a time from 2 to 6 hours is paid as 0.5 day rental, more than 6 hours - as a whole day. If the car is delayed within 2 hours, there is no additional charge.
 8. Issue and return of the car.
The car is provided with a certain charge reserve, clean, equipped with everything necessary.
When returning the car in a dirty form, the Tenant pays for car wash services according to the tariffs for additional services.
If, upon return, the external condition of the vehicle makes it difficult to inspect it, an inspection is carried out only after washing.
The landlord may refuse to issue the car without giving a reason.
Please note that when accepting orders later than 6:00 pm, the car can be provided no earlier than 10:00 the next day, subject to the availability of the selected car.
When extending the time of the order in comparison with that specified in the application, by the decision of the Customer or his representative, the Contractor is entitled to refuse to renew.
9. Insurance.
All cars are insured under the terms of compulsory third party liability insurance (MTPL), voluntary car owner civil liability insurance KASKO with an unconditional default franchise (included in the price).
Unconditional franchise is the amount that the client pays in case of damage to the car through his own fault, or the fault of persons whose identities could not be established or is not possible. Paid only in the event of an accident or car theft and the key is not. A franchise is all you pay in a car accident due to your fault:
  • 10 000 rubles. (for cars up to 3000 rubles per day);
  • 15 000 rub. (for cars from 3,000 to 6,000 rubles per day);
  • 25 000 rubles. (for cars from 6000 rubles per day).
Any insurance is valid only in the presence of: reference number 748, the protocol and the decision on an administrative offense.
Upon the occurrence of the insured event, the Lessee shall be liable to the following extent:
1) "0" - in case of absence of fault of the Lessee and the Lessee has a package of documents about the occurrence of the insured event from the competent authorities, from which it follows that the Lessee is not the cause of the accident and the identity of the cause of the accident has been established.
2) The Lessee pays the Lessor a franchise (penalty for an accident), the amount of which depends on the model of the leased vehicle (TS), if the damage to the vehicle resulted from an insured event, provided that the Tenant has a package of documents about the occurrence of the insured event from the competent authorities. that the Lessee violated the traffic rules and is the cause of the accident and / or there is no direct intent or negligence of the Lessee, which caused damage to the vehicle, but it is impossible to establish the third party responsible for causing Erba vehicle.
In case of violation of the terms of the contract, the Lessee shall be fully financially liable for the damage caused to the company, including the full cost of the refurbishment and spare parts, as well as the compensation of claims from third parties.
Restrictions! Insurance companies do not insure the windshields of rental cars, as well as tires, rims, any additional equipment. Therefore, we have an agreed price for refurbishment. Pricing is available at our office.
10. Forbidden:
• Transport animals without special safety equipment.
• Open or drink alcoholic beverages in the car
• Accept or disclose food.
• Smoke and burn tobacco
• Take narcotic as well as psychotropic substances.
• Litter and dirty car interior
• Leave the territory of the region specified in the contract
• Use fire sources, pyrotechnics and any kind of weapon.


11. Actions in case of accident.

• stop the car, put it on the handbrake and shut off
• turn on the alarm
• set an emergency stop sign (in the city at a distance of 15 meters from the car, on the highway - 30 meters)
• check for injured persons, give them first aid and call an ambulance
• if other people have seen the incident (passengers, pedestrians, drivers), write down their names, phone numbers and vehicle numbers (if the driver is a witness)
• Be sure to record the registration number of the machine you encountered. If the driver of this car is to blame for the accident, he may try to escape.
Call the road police (mobile 112). Tell the them personal name, number and brand of the car and address of the accident.
After that call our company at +7 (812) 640 40 60. Tell us your surname, car registration number, address of the accident and describe the damage. We will contact the insurance company and provide advice.
Fill out the accident notice. Describe in detail the damage to the car, incl. possible hidden damage.
Personal and car documents you must provide only the traffic police. Prior to their arrival, you can fill in the form of the Notice of Accidents together with the second participant of the accident. If he does not want to fill out this form, you can do it without him, but do not forget to write down the number, brand and color of his car.
Upon arrival, the traffic police together with them you will need to draw up a protocol and describe the scheme of a traffic accident. During the compilation, make sure that the accident is correctly recorded and how the circumstances of the damage are displayed. Do not sign the protocol if you do not agree with any of its components.
After filling in and signing the protocol, take a certificate from the traffic police officer about your participation in an accident and check the correctness of damage records made during the accident to your car. Further, the insurance company will work with the fact of the accident.

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