1. Required documents
2. Tariffs and prices
3. Discounts
4. Payment of rent
5. Additional client expenses
6. Rental periods
7. Insurance
8. Forbidden
Do you want to impress your colleagues, partners? Or experience the fantastic, modern, innovative electric car that everyone is talking about? Maybe you need a car for a wedding, an exhibition, a shooting or an event that will attract the attention of everyone around you? The company EV-Time offers a new service - rental of electric vehicles including. Tesla in St. Petersburg!
Our electric cars:
Car model
Foto Options
Fiat 500e
  • 140 km of autonomy
  • 83 kW / 111 HP
  • 0-100 km / h in 8.7 s
Nissan LEAF
  • 140 km of autonomy
  • 80 kW / 110 hp
  • 0-100 km / h in 12 s              
Tesla Model S
  • 400 km of autonomy
  • 273 kW / 367 hp
  • 0-100 km / h in 5.5 seconds
Today, many have already understood the convenience and comfort of renting a car with a driver. This is due to the huge number of factors, among which the most important are:
  • status
  • convenience
  • comfort
  • security
  • no time spent searching for parking
1. Required documents
To make a reservation, you must first fill out an application. After that, our managers will contact you, you will be required to provide the required documents and pay for the service. Rent an electric car can both physical and legal person (company).
To rent an electric car with a driver, you must provide a package of documents.
1.Required documents for renting a car
For individuals:
  • passport or driver's license

For foreign individuals:

  • international passport with a valid visa / general passport or driver's license of international standard

For companies:

  • Company details
  • payment order for car rental services
  • certified by the organization of power of attorney for signing documents


2. Tariffs and prices.


Our company provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to rent an electric car with a driver for a short time or for long-term use.

Car model











Price, RUB / hour

Price, rub. / 5d.


Price, rub. / 1d.


Price, rub


BMW i3


26950 99000 52500 1500
Fiat 500e


18700 75960 25700 1500
Nissan LEAF


24200 98235 31200 1500
Tesla Model S


49700 201600 56700 2000



  • Hourly - the rate for renting a car for several hours. The minimum number of rental hours is 4 (including 1 hour filing). Customer service time, which determines the cost of services, is rounded up to an hour according to the following rules: from 0 to 30 minutes - to half an hour, from 30 to 59 minutes - to a full hour. Additionally, the time includes the delivery of the car (1 hour).With a minimum order limit on mileage: 100 kilometers. When extending the rental time, the mileage limit is increased by 25 kilometers for each additional hour. When the limit is exceeded, the rerun is paid at the rate of 7 rubles per kilometer.Actual prices for tariffs are valid on weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00, after this time and on weekends, the cost increases by 30%. The need for a rental with a driver service after midnight is negotiated with each client individually.


  • TWD - the "working day" tariff is valid from 08:00 am to 19:00 pm on weekdays. The price is for 1 day. This tariff is an indispensable service for business people. Limit run: 100 kilometers.


  • TWW - the "working week" tariff is valid from 08:00 Monday to Friday 18:00 (the price is indicated for the entire rental period) with a mileage limit of 1000 km for the entire rental period. The cost is indicated for the entire period. Driver working hours limit: 45.


  • TDO - the "day off" tariff is valid from 09:00 am to 18:00 pm on weekends and public holidays. The price is for 1 day. The mileage limit: 100 km.


  • Transfer - the service of car delivery to or from the airport is valid for 2 hours. If the time of using this tariff has been exceeded, the calculation will occur according to the hourly tariff.


For all tariffs, the car’s departure outside St. Petersburg ring road (including Sestroretsk, Zelenogorsk, Vsevolozhsk, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Kronstadt, etc.) is paid separately in the form of additional hours of filing, or payment of a country mileage at the rate of 25-40 rubles / km, depending on the class of the car.


 3. Discounts.

10% - on discount cards "EV-Time" and partners
10% - for regular customers


4. Payment of rent. 

100% prepayment in rubles in cash, plastic cards or cashless payments.
Payment is made for the entire rental period. When returning earlier, no recalculation is made.
At the end of the term of the contract, it can be extended at the request of the Lessee and the technical possibility of the Lessor. In case of refusal to pay for the extended time of renting a car with a driver, customer service is terminated.
When booking, the vehicle class is reserved, not the specific model. However, your wishes on the brand, model, body type and color will be taken into account.
5. Additional expenses of the client.
In addition to paying rent payments, the client pays the cost of paid parking, parking.
The customer is liable to the company in the event of damage to the car due to his fault. The customer ensures the safety of equipment and property located in the vehicle. In case of damage or damage, loss or destruction of this equipment or property due to the fault of the Customer, the latter pays for repairs (restoration, purchase) of equipment and / or property.
The company is not responsible for the belongings of passengers left in the cabin or trunk of the car. 
6. Rental terms.
The minimum rental period is 4 hours (including 1 hour flowing). When renting for a shorter period, the payment is charged as in 4 hours.
A mandatory condition for renting a car with a driver within St. Petersburg is the payment of 1 hour of filing, which includes washing, charging, and transporting the vehicle to the address specified by the Customer.
The beginning of the rental is calculated from the moment the car was delivered.
If necessary, the possibility of extending the time of ordering a car is determined by the dispatcher, guided by the schedule of vehicles.
We draw your attention to the fact that for all orders accepted later than 18:00, the car can be provided no earlier than 10:00 the next day, subject to the availability of the selected car.
7. It is forbidden:
  • transport animals without special means to ensure safety
  • it is forbidden to open or drink alcohol in the cabin
  • take or disclose food
  • smoke as well as set fire to tobacco products
  • take narcotic as well as psychotropic drugs
  • litter and dirty car interior
  • leave the territory of the region specified in the contract
  • use fire sources, pyrotechnics and any types of weapons
  • give orders to the driver that may lead to a violation of traffic rules
  • transport bulky items in the cabin that may damage the car's interior, as well as make it difficult for the driver

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